Property Law & Conveyancing

Oden Legal can provide assistance with the following matters of Property Law:

  • Assist with the sale or purchase of property

  • Advise on costs involved including stamp duty and taxation

  • Advice regarding the Contract for Sale

  • Advice and representation to negotiate special terms and conditions for the sale or purchase of your property

  • Advise you on lenders’ requirements

  • Perform Title and Property searches

  • Advise you on the right questions to ask the seller to ensure the property is free from encumbances that may effect you ownership, use or enjoyment of the property.

  • Assistance with property settlement

  • Property ownership agreements

  • Mortgage lending issues

  • Property division Transfers under family Law agreements or orders

  • Transmission on death.

Chenie Oden is our senior Conveyancer and is happy to help with all your conveyancing needs. Please enquire here for a free quote today, our prices are extremely competitive to help get you one step closer to either owning your dream home or selling.